Monday, 16 July 2007


I attended Gay Pride on Saturday. It was fun; lots of drag queens and cute boys dressed as sailors - but not much else.

I wonder what we've got to march about these days.

I'm sure there's something.

It was strange listening to comments from non-friends of Dorothy along the way...

"I think they're a bunch of homos."

"Which church do you represent?"

"Fancy, in front of the children."


The best part of the day was the drag cabaret in the band stand in the gardens. The worst part was being there alone.

I got there by bus. The driver was Polish. Not sure why now, but I became quite thoughtful on the bus. I think, actually, I was thinking about Hilter. Gays. Poles.

Horribly, 1930s Germany is as real and pertinent to today as it ever was.


gab said...

they actually said that?

i would have said how can u go out in public wearing that

Minge said...


Kapitano said...

I spent some hours yesterday reading about what the Nazis said to justify invading Poland.

Short version: They hate us, they want to destroy our way of life, and we think they've got enormous stockpiles of secret weapons to be used against us.

It sounds...vaguely familiar.